welcome baby + just for kids

‘Lil Bit

Looking for a little help throwing a party for your little one or your bestie who is having a baby? We can help! Our basic package provides you with a few pieces to help make your party one-of-a-kind:

  • Custom Invitations – designed with any theme you’d like. Either give us a theme idea or we can help you pick something that your child will love.
  • Goody Bags – creative containers to hold some fun treats for the little guests to take home.
  • Sweet Treats – either a fun cake, decorated cookies or yummy cupcakes, ready to serve!

Help Please

Need a little more help? Sure thing! Our mid level package provides you with the pieces from the basic package and adds the following:

  • Get Festive – some balloons and decorations always do the trick. We’ll provide creative decor for you to use to jazz up the party.
  • Kid Friendly Food & Drink – we’ll design and prepare snacks that the kids will love (healthy and natural of course) and will fit with the festive theme of your party.
  • Set the Table – we’ll bring all the paper goods (plates, napkins, cups, etc) to dress up your table.
  • Fun & Games – you’ll be given everything you need for either a creative game or a fun craft, plus some easy how-to instructions.

Do It All

Want to give us a guest list and have us take care of the rest? No problem! Our top tier package provides you with the pieces from the basic and mid level packages and adds the following:

  • Get Things Started – we’ll show up with everything needed for the party. Just provide the location and we’ll do the rest.
  • Just My Size – make things fun and special with kid size tables and chairs, we’ll even bring the linens.
  • Under Control – we’ll make sure the event is fun for everyone with kiddie coordination. Our staff has lots of experience working with kids so we can help run the event to sure the kids have fun and you stay sane.
  • Moms & Dads Are Hungry Too – we can bring some grown-up food for the non-pint size guests.
  • Take Out the Trash – you won’t even know you had a party. We’ll stay after the festivities to make sure everything is cleaned up and put back into place.

Give Me More

Need a place to have the party? Perfect! Our destination package allows us to partner with cool local kid hot spots for the perfect party fun. You get all of the pieces from the basic and mid level packages but the event will be at one of the following type venues:

  • Gymboree Play & Music Center
  • Bay Area Discovery Museum
  • Pump It Up
  • Studio Grow
  • Paint your own Pottery
  • Bowling
  • Ice Cream Parlor or Restaurant

Sample Pricing

for up to 12 attendees

  • Lil Bit – $400
  • Help Please – $850
  • Do it All – $1,200
  • Give Me More – call for quote


The PERFECT Invitation | 100% Custom

When we're planning your event we can ALSO design a 100% custom invitation to kick of the theme and vibe, beginning at the mailbox!

Exactly What You Want

Because every party needs to be unique and fun, each package is totally customized to what you want. The above packages are designed to help you see what we can offer but are in no means the end all be all. We can work with you to design an event that meets your needs and budget. Just give us a call 415.913.9229 and we’ll be happy to meet with you and brainstorm ideas just for your event.